The Beekeeper's Problem Solver

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The Beekeeper's Problem Solver

The Beekeeper's Problem Solver includes 100 of the most common problems with your bee hive(s), and explores them and explains them very thoroughly. From hive management to diseases, and from equipment to honey production, this book goes into great detail to explain and solve some of the biggest issues with beekeeping, that could otherwise drive you away from this enjoyable and beneficial hobby.

Some problems explained are why the bees have built combs in empty spaces, what to do when you can't get your beehive smoker to stay lit, why the bees are gathering on the front of the hive, what to do with small hive beetles, why there are many dead bees at the hive entrance, what to do with a small colony before winter, and many others. This book will be beneficial for you, no matter if you are a beginning beekeeper or an experienced one! Soft cover, 223 pages.

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