Pure Beeswax Candles Skep Glass Holders

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Pure Beeswax Candles Skep Glass Holders

Beeswax candles fill the room with a soft, relaxing light and a wonderfully warm honey aroma. Each votive is made in the USA from 100% pure beeswax. These pure beeswax votive candles are made to become molten and fill the glass or holder they are contained in. When you receive these candles, they could have a light coating on them, called "bloom". Bloom is the dust-like film that forms on pure beeswax candles. Bloom is natural and in no way affects the burn of the candle. It is actually a sure sign of the beeswax's purity. To bring back your candle's original luster, simply wipe with a clean cloth or heat lightly with a hair dryer. Enjoy your natural beeswax candle! Glass skep container measures 2-7/8" in diameter, and 3" in height.

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