Maxant Smoker Buddy

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Smoker Buddy

The Smoker Buddy bee smoker box is made by Maxant Industries and is a wonderful addition to your beekeeping operation to transport and hold your lit (or still hot) bee smoker, without having to worry about fires! Built from durable 18/20 gauge stainless steel to last for years. Handle is especially designed for maximum comfort during carrying, and the stainless steel hinge combined with a stainless steel wing latch will guarantee your smoker will stay secure. The Standard Smoker Buddy measures 10-1/2" wide by 15" high by 6" deep. The Deluxe Smoker Buddy version measures 14" wide by 15" high by 6" deep and comes with a built in side caddy to hold your extra gear, which makes it very handy instead of having all of the extras weighing down your pockets. Both models will hold one  3-1/2" x 6" smoker or one 4" x 7" smoker or one 4" x 10" smoker. This is absolutely the best and longest lasting smoker box that we have ever seen, and as always with Maxant equipment, it is Proudly Made in the USA!

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