Heavy Duty Honey Bee Hive Swarm Catcher Bag

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Beekeepers Friend Heavy Duty Honey Bee Swarm Catching Bag

Now there is a super simple (and safe!) way of retrieving swarms from high up, out of reach areas. This is the best swarm catching bag available on the market! Heavy duty, sturdy metal frame comes with bag already attached. Bag measures 32" long and ties off at the bottom. Extra strong handle includes built in attachment with a threaded end so you can easily attach an extend pole (pole not included). Simply reach swarm catching bag up over the swarm with the pole, brush sideways to safely knock all of the bees down into the bag, then pull the rope to close the open mouth of the bag, as pictured. Please note: rope measures approximately 50" long, so if the swarm is located higher up than that, an additional amount of rope or string may need to be tied to the end of the included rope. There is no easier way to collect swarms than by using our Beekeepers Friend Heavy Duty Swarm Catching Bag!!

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3 Reviews

Swarm catcher

This is a great idea. I have been playing around with it and I see no reason why it shouldn’t work. I plan to use it this coming Spring. Looking forward to a great season!

Swarm catcher bag

I haven’t got to use it on bees yet, but I have been playing around with it and it should work great. The only thing that I can find negative about it is that the string is a little hard to pull, but there is a nut that you can loosen to fix the problem. I’m happy about my purchase!

Swarm Bag

Fast shipping - bag delivered as shown online - Happy with product - have been chasing swarms for several years - can not wait to give it a try with the new swarm season !!!

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