AP23 Pollen Patties with Honey-B-Healthy - CARTON OF 40 pounds

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AP23 Pollen Patties - Made With Honey-B-Healthy

If you are looking for the best bee nutrition on the market for your honey bees, look no further! We have tried several different brands of pollen patties on our own bees and have found that the bees will consume these patties the best. Feeding bees these patties in the springtime gives your bees optimum nutritional benefits, resulting in healthier bees that will build up strong colonies in time for the honey flow.

Patties contain AP23 pollen substitute, which has been formulated to deliver all of the currently known nutritional needs of the honey bee, with optimal balance of nutrient levels, in a highly palatable blend of specifically selected ingredients. AP23 is a high protein feed developed for all levels of beekeepers. It helps maintain colony strength by boosting populations and producing healthier bees, which results in better crop pollination and honey crops.

AP23 pollen patties are superior to most other available pollen patties, due to the AP23 pollen substitute. Consumption rates are more than 2 times greater than other pollen substitutes. Patties also contain Honey-B-Healthy, a feeding stimulant that includes lemongrass and spearmint essential oils that encourages honey bees to consume the patties and boosts their immune system. Honey-B-Healthy is one of the best natural feeding stimulants available. Patties contain no bee by-products and come in a carton of 40 pounds (approximately 32 - 40 patties per box, depending on the weight of each separate patty). Directions: use 1 - 2 patties per hive, depending on hive strength. Place patties in paper wrapper directly on across the top bars, close to the bees to allow easy access.

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