2 Story Bee Cozy Winter Bee Hive Insulation Wrap

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2 Story Bee Cozy Winter Bee Hive Wrap

Bee Cozy overwintering black bee hive wraps from Lappe's Bee Supply are made with recycled high density materials layered with R8 insulation protection to reduce heat loss from the hive. They are lightweight and easy to slip on and off your hives. Bee Cozy winter bee hive wraps are proven to work for the North American and United States winters. **IMPORTANT: The seam where this wrap comes together is also called a chimney. This chimney needs to be placed directly over your beehive entrance and has a crucial function. It allows just enough air flow between your hive bodies and the wrap to get rid of excess moisture; without it, you could end up with deteriorated boxes and a moisture problem on the inside of the hive. Moisture on the inside of the hive can lead to moldy frames and can even cause the death of your entire hive.**

Wrapping and unwrapping is very fast and can easily be done by a single person. No winter unwrapping is required to check the hives. Wraps have a 5+ year average life expectancy. After you take them off your hives in the spring, store them in a clean dry place to be ready to use again for next winter. Two story Bee Cozy winter bee hive wraps are available in both an 8 frame bee hive size and a 10 frame bee hive size. This Bee Cozy will fit a 2 story tall bee hive.

Find information here on the many benefits of Bee Cozy Winter Bee Hive Wraps.

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Wrap your hives with a Bee Cozy Hive Wrap - Lappe's Bee Supply

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