1 lb. Queenline Traditional Glass Honey Jars - CASE OF 24

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1 Pound Queenline Glass Honey Jars - Wider mouth

1 lb. (16 oz.) Queenline Glass Honey Jars comes in a case of 24 and INCLUDES your choice of 58mm white plastic, white metal or gold metal lids. White plastic lids include foam liner, and gold metal lids include plastisol liner built into lid. Neither of these liners are safety seals, so we suggest including the optional safety shrink bands with these jars.

Crystal clear glass containers will show off your honey and really make it sparkle, capturing your customer's attention. These old fashioned glass bottles are the preferred method of showcasing your honey. These 1 lb. bottles have a wider mouth so that a piece of comb honey can easily be added to the jar.

Glass shipments can not be insured, and all glass shipped will be at customer's risk. Lappe's Bee Supply will do our best to package your glassware securely, but we are not responsible for replacing any broken glassware.

By law, honey is sold by weight, not volume; therefore, all of the weights listed for our honey containers are based on honey weight, which is not equal to liquid volume. For example, one of our 12 oz. containers will hold 12 oz. of honey, but only 8 oz. of water (approx.).

There are both a front label panel and a back label panel on these jars - the panels both measure 2-1/2" wide by 3-1/2" tall.


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1 Review

Sturdy Glass

These are my favorite glass honey jars. The glass is sturdy, not thin, and like the description says it's truly clear and doesn't have a weird tint.
We buy from Lappe's for their customer service and for their prices.