Carniolan Queen Bee - IN STORE PICKUP *SOLD OUT UNTIL 2018*

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Carniolan Queens - In Store Pick Up

We are sold out of Carniolan Queens for the 2017 season; however, we do still carry Italian queens. We will sell Carniolan queens again next spring 2018.

  • Queen is young, naturally mated and unmarked.
  • We can mark queens for an additional fee of $4 each. Please let us know which color you would like to have her marked. The International Color for 2017 is yellow, but if you are only marking your queen to make it easier to spot her, you can choose whichever color you think would make her easy to find. If you would like to have her marked, please give us at least a 2 hour notice before you plan on picking up your queen(s).
  • We DO NOT clip the queens wings.
  • These queens are for pick up only from our location in East Peru Iowa; if you wish to have queens shipped to you, please see our Carniolan Queen Bees - Shipped category by clicking here.

  Place your order online to reserve your honey bees. If you prefer to pay for them while you are here, please give us a call first to verify that we will have enough queens for you in stock. The amount of queens in stock will vary week to week, depending on orders. There will not be any attendants added to the queens for in store pickup.

  Queen honey bees cannot survive for long outside of the hive! Your queen needs to be inside of the hive where the bees can feed her and give her water. Please plan on putting your queen into your hive shortly after picking her up. Please do not leave queen bees sitting on the counter overnight!

Queens Terms & Conditions

Queens are guaranteed to be alive upon pick up but are not guaranteed to be successfully introduced to or will be accepted by your hive. Many factors influence queen introduction success, particularly the specific methods and apicultural techniques you employ when introducing a queen. You also agree that Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farm LLC will not be responsible for queen survival in your hive, or for the condition or productivity of your hive after introduction. Queens and risk of their loss become the responsibility of the customer at the time of pick up.

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Marked Queens

The queens were exactly as ordered, no issues and they were accepted in 3 days
Posted by Frank, May 3rd 2017