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Starting your own bee hives has many benefits. The most rewarding one is being able to collect and sell your own honey! You will also be increasing the pollination locally in your area for years to come. Bees are very interesting wonders of the world to watch and to learn from.

Beginning beekeepers have many questions before they start. What beekeeping equipment will they need to use? Where do they get their beekeeping equipment from? Where do they buy their honey bees at, and what type of bee do they get? When do they need to buy their honey bees? In this informational course, we are going to cover the answers to all of these questions to help you learn about honey bees and beekeeping.

What beekeeping equipment will you need?

First of all, you will need some protective wear to keep you safe from the bees. This can be either a full bee suit with hat and veil, or a beekeeping jacket with hat and veil. The full bee suit gives you the most protection by camouflaging you completely in white and not leaving any gaps for the bees to crawl in. The beekeeping jacket is mostly used for quick checks when you won't be spending much time working on the bees. You will also need leather beekeeping gloves, either goatskin or cowhide, depending on the texture that you prefer.

You will also need to use a smoker to calm the bees down. Different types of smoker fuel depend on what you prefer to burn. The most common types are wood chip pellets, untreated baling twine or cotton fiber. Another important item to have with you when you are working on the bees is a hive tool. The bees will use propolis and wax to glue everything in their hive together, and this tool is very handy to use to separate the hive components.

Where do you get your beekeeping equipment from?

There are many different beekeeping equipment suppliers to choose from when buying your beekeeping equipment. You should explore all the different types of beekeeping equipment that you are interested in and decide what will work for you. One of the main factors that you need to consider is the size of your hive and how heavy it will get when it is full of honey. The most common style of hive is the 10 frame Langstroth hive. The other is the 8 frame Langstroth hive. The reason why the 8 frame hive is used compared to the 10 frame is that it will weigh less when it is filled with honey, making it easier to lift.

Where do you buy your honey bees at, and what type of bee do you get?

Where to buy your bees from is an important factor. Locally is usually the best, due to the stress on the bees from how long they've been in their package. Bees will get stressed when they cannot do their normal daily routine of flying and collecting honey. It makes them worried and disorientated.

The types of bees that are available most commonly are Italians, Carniolans, and hybrid crosses of these two kinds of bees. When buying your honey bees it is important to understand the qualities in the types of bees you are looking at. Usually what decides the kind of honey bee you are going to buy is what is available in your area.

When do you need to buy your honey bees?

Reservations for honey bee packages and nucs in North America begin in early January and run through June. You will need to reserve as early as possible because quantities usually run out mid to late season. The supplier that you are buying your honey bees from will let you know when you need to pick them up.

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