Get your bee hives ready for winter!

      One of the most important things that you can do for your bees before the cold weather sets in is to winterize them to help keep them warm and survive the long cold winter. A strong overwintered colony will produce an average of 250 pounds of honey the next summer, compared to around 80 - 100 pounds of honey produced by a package of bees purchased in April or May.

     Be sure to insert your entrance reducer with the small opening to keep out pesky and destructive mice looking for a warm winter home filled with food. Use a shim to provide adequate space on top of the frames for feeding winter patties or dry granulated sugar as an emergency food source. A moisture board is a good addition as well, in that it will help soak up excess moisture from inside the hive that can kill your bees.

     Use a winter wrap around the outside of the hive to help insulate your bees. Also include either an insulation sheet or insulation pad above the inner cover to keep the heat in the hive. 

     Check your hives if you get a warm day in January or February if possible - if they are getting light on their feed you may need to add some winter patties. If you take the right precautionary measures during the winter months, you will have a prosperous year ahead!

     This is Kimberley Lappe with Lappe's Bee Supply - 

Good Luck & Happy Beekeeping!