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Choose Premier Foundation - Because The Wax Coating Really Does Make A Difference!

Premier Foundation has a higher acceptance rate with honey bees compared to other competing brands of wax coated plastic foundation. Don't just take our word for it - let the bees decide!

Premier Beeswax coated plastic foundation

Lappe's Bee Supply & Honey Farm LLC is proud to carry a new and improved wax coated plastic foundation! Premier offers beekeepers a superior foundation in a market that has been flooded with substandard products. Premier plastic foundation is made completely in the USA and resembles the honeybees natural comb as closely as possible. This foundation is the most natural and effective wax coated foundation available in the United States. 36% thinner cell walls and deeper cell interiors allow for a higher honey capacity per frame, so bee keepers can see a larger return on their investment. Here at Lappe's Bee Supply, we have done extensive testing on all brands of wax coated plastic foundation, and we have found Premier foundation to be the absolute best, which is why we carry it as a product, include it in the frames of all of our beginning beekeeping kits and bee hives for sale, use it in the hundreds of nucs that we do each spring, and we even use it in all of our own bee hives!

Bees love the standard and extra heavy wax coating on this foundation and will go to work on it immediately, providing you with freshly pulled, beautiful wax covered frames. All of the bees wax that is applied is capping wax that comes from A.H. Meyer & Sons, and has been sourced locally from beekeepers in the Midwest United States - the completely natural beeswax helps encourage the bees to quickly and effectively draw out the comb. As all beekeepers know, faster comb building means the queen bee has room to start her brood rearing earlier, which leads to a stronger bee hive colony in time for the honey flows. A stronger hive, along with the higher amount of honey capacity per frame, results in a huge honey crop for the beekeeper.

Sheets of Premier wax coated foundation are available in 3 colors: Natural, Black & White. Natural is a yellow color that closely resembles actual beeswax. Black is a color preferred for use in the brood chamber, it will make it easier to see the white eggs to verify your queen is laying correctly. White is preferred for honey frames. Foundation easily installs into new and existing frames. Premier Foundation is made in the USA from extremely durable plastic that is compatible with all uncapping and extracting equipment, and will hold up to years of honey processing. Premier foundations have been tested and proven as the best and most cost effective plastic foundation available in the industry!

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