24 oz. Extra Soft Squeeze Plastic Honey Bear Containers - CASE OF 50

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24 oz. Extra Soft Squeeze Plastic Honey Bear Containers - comes in a case of 50 and INCLUDES your choice of 38mm lids. Choose from white screw top lids; red, yellow, white, black or gold flip top lids; red or yellow spouts. All lids include pressure sensitive safety liners that seal when you tighten the cap.

Honey containers are BPA free, and are proudly made in the USA. 

By law, honey is sold by weight, not volume; therefore, all of the weights listed for our honey containers are based on honey weight, which is not equal to liquid volume. For example, one of our 12 oz. containers will hold 12 oz. of honey, but only 8 oz. of water (approx.).

These honey bears are also available in a bulk case of 125.

These honey bear containers do not include an area for a label; our top address label would be a good choice to use with these honey bottles.

*Plastic honey containers are not dishwasher or microwave safe*


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