2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor With Legs - IN STORE PICKUP


2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor With Legs - In Store Pickup

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This extractor is extremely durable and is constructed of quality stainless steel. It can hold 2 medium or 2 deep frames. The extractor drum has a height of 23-1/2" and a diameter of 15". Distance from the honey gate to the floor is 16-1/2", which allows plenty of room to fit a 5 gallon honey bucket underneath.

This extractor comes with a plastic honey gate and clear plexiglass lids, which allow you to view the progress of the spinning frames, while keeping other debris out. The bottom of the drum is conical shaped, which allows all of the honey to easily drain out. Legs of extractor include holes for mounting onto solid surface for added stability.

You can extract 2 frames at a time with this extractor, and turn the frames over to extract both sides of honey.

A honey extractor with an added combo bundle includes 2 honey pails with lids and honey gates, a set of 3 plastic pail filters, an electric uncapping knife, a comb capper, and an economy uncapping scratcher.

A honey extractor with an added deluxe combo bundle includes an uncapping tank, an uncapping roller, an electric uncapping knife, a honey pail with lid and honey gate, and a stainless steel sieve filter.

Honey extractor can be cleaned using soap and water.


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