16 oz. Amino-B Booster

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16 oz. Amino-B Booster 

Amino-B Booster contains 20 Amino Acids that are vital for honey bee health. Add to your feed in late winter and early spring to encourage brood building to have a strong workforce during the honey flow. Also use to strengthen weak hives. Amino-B Booster provides the nurse bees in the colony all of the amino acids that they need to be healthy.Just a small amount of Amino-B Booster is needed - add 1 tsp. per quart of sugar syrup. Also add in 1 tsp. of Honey B Healthy to use as a preservative. 

*Do not add to sugar syrup if mixture is hot: heat can damage most of the amino acids in Amino-B Booster that are needed by the honey bees.

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