10 Frame Cedar Honey Master Colony Starter Kit

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10 Frame Cedar Honey Master Colony Starter Kit

    *XL and XXL Beekeepers Choice Cotton Bee Suits are temporarily out of stock; XL and XXL Beekeepers Premium Bee Suits will be substituted*

   This is the ultimate kit for beginner beekeepers! Our 10 frame Honey Master Colony Starter Kit comes assembled and ready to use. Kit includes:

  • (1) 10 Frame Four Story Hive made from Western Red Cedar. Bee hive includes a reversible bottom board and a 2 sided entrance reducer, two 9-5/8" hive body, twenty 9-1/8" assembled wood frames with black wax coated plastic foundation, two 6-5/8" honey supers, twenty 6-1/8" assembled wood frames with white wax coated plastic foundation, one 10 frame 2 sided inner cover, and one 10 frame telescoping lid.

  • 10 Frame Plastic Queen Excluder

  • Beekeepers Choice Cotton Bee Suit and Zipper Veil with Hat

  • Standard Vented Leather Gloves 

  • 9" Hive Tool

  • Bee Brush

  • 4" x 7" Stainless Steel Smoker with Guard

  • 5 lb. Wood Pellet Smoker Fuel

  • 9-5/8" Deep In-Hive Feeder with Cap and Ladders

  • "Beekeeping: A Practical Beekeeping Guide To Keeping & Managing Bees Properly" Book

Cedar Honey Master Colony Starter Kit also includes the options of adding:

  • 10 Frame Assembled Cedar Screened Bottom Board that comes with a pull out drawer that has a build in debris tray. The debris tray can be used as an easy way to clean the bottom of your hive, or it can be used as a beetle trap by filling with petroleum jelly or cooking oil. The drawer is easily cleaned the removing slide in the back.

  • Western Red Cedar Hive Stand - raises your bee hive 12" off the ground to a comfortable working height. Stands work great when used with screened bottom boards to provide proper ventilation during the hot summer months. Hive stand comes with a removable landing board that can be taken off during the winter months so that snow does not build up in front of the entrance.